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Who is TMC for? 

Our purpose:

The Marketing Club is here to cultivate a supportive ecosystem where marketers from diverse backgrounds can connect, learn, and grow. We champion diversity and believe in the power of community. 

How did we start? 

The Marketing Club started as an idea from Chanel Clark. After being in numerous marketing roles as the first marketing hire or solo marketing hire, she quickly realised that the organisations she worked in were never going to be able to provide the support she needed - whether it was up-skilling, learning from someone who's 'been there, done that', or simply talk to others who understood marketing. 


Fast forward to 2023 and it was time to do something about it!

The initial idea was to start The Marketing Club as on online Slack community where marketers could connect with each other, learn and network with those in the industry, in a hope to break down some of the silos that has commonly existed within the industry, and just get marketers talking!

Almost 2 years later and the community has grown to over 2,000 across Australia and New Zealand, we've continually run events that are both educational, informative, or simply for the pure reason to network

But what makes us different? 

We are predominantly run through a highly engaged Slack channel where marketers can cultivate ideas, ask questions and forge meaningful connections organically. We also have a LinkedIn page which serves as a great way to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends, tips and tricks. 


Whether you are a uni student studying marketing, a solo marketer, part of a small team, one of a few in a bigger team, or the owner of an agency, C-Suite level or more , this is the place for you to thrive and connect with other marketers throughout New Zealand and Australia. 


We not only value work, but also having a good time. Join us for social gatherings where we laugh, learn, celebrate together and most importantly, meet other marketers. 


Members look to learn from each other, collaborate or soundboard ideas. We celebrate successes, provide unwavering support, and inspire one another to reach new heights.


Together, let's create a vibrant community that uplifts every member. Welcome to The Marketing Club; where inspiration meets innovation and marketers uncover their true potential - one connection at a time. 

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